Take a taste on the wild side

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The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling and the long icy fingers of winter are stretching themselves out. So if you’re looking for a refuge from the winter blues on a Saturday or weekday (if you’re lucky and lead the financially precarious but time variable life of a TEFL teacher) afternoon, why not take the 22 Tram to Břevnov.? You can take a walk around the secluded woodland of Bíla Hora; or if you’re looking for something a little more strenuous, go in-line skating or running in Ladronka park.

Whatever you’ve been doing, there’s a little known, but nonetheless lovely pit-stop awaiting you near the Marjanka (Tram 22) stop. I found the Břevnov Čajovna (Břevnov Teahouse) at Librova Street 14, whilst on a Sunday stroll with my fiancée, Clare, back in the summer. I naively thought I had made a ‘discovery’, only to find out that fellow Guiri Guide blogger Klara was already a long-term patron of said tea-house.

Either way the tea-house is a veritable treasure trove for those seeking good tea in a relaxing environment. Owner, Jana Fialova assures me that there are around 40 teas on offer to suit all tastes. Moreover, when you find a tea to your taste and want to recreate the tea-house experience then you can buy loose leaf tea to take home too. My personal favourite is the Tuareg tea.

Coffee lovers (I’m normally a fan of coffee) will not be disappointed either as Dallmayr Coffee, originating from Munich is served here. Again coffee lovers get the chance to take some of the coffee home if they like.

I am also assured all requirements in terms of sugar and dairy/non-dairy variables such as soya milk are also available with all coffees and teas, as well as decaffeinated options.

As well as the beverages, a vegetarian lunch menu is now in operation from 12.00 midday to 3.00pm .  The menu varies each day, but suffice to say on the day I visited I was suitably chuffed with what was on hand.  I hope it’s your cup of tea too!

Břevnov Čajovna (October opening times only)

Monday – Friday  11-30 am – 10.00 pm

Saturday                  3.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Taking to the hills on horseback

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After six months since landing in Prague and going through the due processes of finding a place to live and a way to earn a livelihood. I have firmly established a routine. This routine is described as shuffling between the centre of Prague (The Anthill) and home (The Eeyrie).

The former being the place of work and entertainment, full of people scurrying around like ants out of various subterranean entrances like the Metro and ascending and descending in a multitude of lifts varying from the antique to the futuristic. The latter being the apartment in Barrandov looking down on the city, a place of restful contemplation. Familiarity as they say though breeds contempt and my mind was recently urging me to see what lay beyond the realms of the Prague Metropolitan area. 

As mentioned previously, making friends with Czechs is definitely the best way to get to know the Czech Republic and take you beyond your familiar surroundings. This is how I came to spend Sunday morning atop a veteran equine plodding lazily through the Czech countryside, south of Prague near Tabor. An friend had called to ask us if we would like to go horse riding. I, if you’ll  pardon the pun, jumped at the chance. I had been a keen horse rider in my teens, but hadn’t sat on a horse for over a decade, However, to a certain extent, much like learning to ride a bike or learning to swim, riding a horse properly is something you don’t forget once learned. Or so I had convinced myself I got off to a good start swinging into the saddle with all the swagger of a latter-day John Wayne.

A few minutes later however, I wad being chastised by the young woman who was leading the hack to loosen my reins as they were to tight. This came from a bad childhood memory of being shouted at for doing the reverse and having ‘reins like washing lines’ according to my battleaxe of a riding instructor. 

However with this issue corrected we headed off into the hills for a pleasant hour, taking in low-wooded hills (avoiding low hanging branches on the way!) , verdant farmland and a couple of villages where the only activity we saw was the barking of dogs, angry at being roused from their

Sunday slumber. It was a very pleasant way to see the Czech countryside and is something I won’t be slow to do again.

More information:
Statek Tisem
Jan Fulín – tel. č. 604 58 40 21.


Heaven for Kids in Prague

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In a relatively large area near the river in Braník – Prague 4, you can find an indoor and outdoor playground called Kroužky na Vltavě.  This attraction was newly opened this past summer. It has three restaurants and also a summer terrace with gazebos.  The restaurants are located in a historical building that was a former Waterworks for the Braník district.

The children’s playground outside is where the little ones can enjoy colorful slides, swings, roundabouts and a trampoline.  The bigger kids will love climbing the wall and ropes course where there is comfortable seating for adults.  You can also find many different classes the kids can participate in, ranging from sport activities, dance, music and all sort of art courses but they are mostly taught in only in Czech.  The classes are scheduled everyday and all day, usually lasting an hour and ranging from 140 – 200 Kc per hour.  The entrance fee to the playground is 30Kc.

The restaurants offer many different delicious dishes catering to the kids as well as the adults.  You can choose to eat at an area where there is an indoor playground or if you are waiting for your kids to finish their classes, you can sit upstairs above the bar, where you can find a little peace and quiet. If you are a working parent, you can get connected to Wifi all around the complex.  This place is also perfect for birthday parties which you can reserve space, food and activities.

Opening hours are from 9:00 – 21:00 everyday.  So if you have little ones at home, don’t deprive them of all the fun they can have at this place.

Kroužky na Vltavě
Vršovická vodárna v Braníku Vltavanů 229
Praha 4 – Braník

Restaurant reservation
244 473 952 or 776 007 797

Day care
731 475 481

777 690 800