Prague Coffee Festival

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coffefestivalPrague Coffee Festival is the place for coffee lovers.  Mark your calendars for the first week in October in cafés across the czech Republic with a highlight event on October 5th at Novomestska radnice in Prague!

What to expect:

  • A week-long special program in various cafes across the Czech Republic.
  • Two presentation spaces for café houses.
  • Great bar with alternative coffee preparations shows (coffee from roasters both local and worldwide).
  • Cupping (coffee from roasters both local and worldwide).
  • Number of interesting lectures.
  • On-site demonstrations of coffee roasting.
  • Traditional ways of coffee making presented by international partners.
  • Exhibition of photos from coffee farms cross the world (Africa, Central America).
  • Art workshops.
  • Theatre performances and rich supporting program.

You can look forward to October full of great coffee!

For Facebook feeds like the Festival’s FB Page or visit the official website.

hlavni_enOn September 14th,  selected museums in Prague will open its doors in the evening from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. for visitors to enjoy their favorite institutions by night.  Admission and transport to the selected network of museums are FREE.  Don’t miss this special 10th anniversary.  For more details visit the event website

catCzechs have a reputation for being creative and crafty.  This is evident in the traditional wooden crafts, glass, crochet / knit and ceramic goods.   I, myself, love to create and if time and money permitted, I would have a painter’s studio, a dark room, a pottery wheel and oven, etc…you get my drift.  Anything authentic, hand-made, and original catches my eye.  Unfortunately, I am not a millionaire, and can keep on dreaming about having all of the “luxuries” mentioned above.

A great way to get my creative juices flowing and making it a kid friendly activity (kids come first right?) is to visit Vypálené koťátko (Fired Kitty, as in when you fire pottery – terrible literal translation, I know).  Other than great desserts and good coffee, this non-smoking café has a dedicated work-room with an assortment of unpainted ceramic products, ranging from ceramic cups, plates to vases and figurines.

After selecting your “canvas”, you have a wide variety of color glazes and brushes to paint with. If you have never done it before, the staff is happy to explain the best color combinations and what tends to happen with different glazes once the ceramics have been fired.  Generally, the colors seem a bit dull and subdued while wet, but once the ceramics have been fired, they are quite rich and cheerful.


Kids can make lovely presents for family and they have quite a bit of fun doing it.   If you want to seriously create, I advise not taking your kids with you. It probably depends on the child, but my son got bored after painting half his cup and most of his body.  Vypálené koťátko is pretty active on FB and posts some of the master pieces on their facebook page so check it out (some are quite good!). I can only recommend this great little creative café!  Vypálené koťátko also hosts various themed events – concerts, exhibitions, readings etc.

Mařákova 5, Praha 6
Tel: 737 726 104, 222 947 888

Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard & Amex

Get your creative juices flowing!


Shared work space

It must have been a man that said being on maternity leave is like being on extended vacation.  Not only is it hard work, but it’s a 24-7 job, and we can’t call in sick – ever!  Although I think there are many benefits to being on maternity leave for 3-4 years, like many women in the Czech Republic, there are also some disadvantages in the long run.  After having a couple of kids or even one, the woman is at a disadvantage going back to work as many of her skills are now obsolete and an employer usually frowns upon hiring a woman with small children (as sad as that is).

Technically your employer cannot fire you while on maternity/parenting leave, but they will only hold your position for 6 months and after that they are free to replace you with someone who can do the job.  When actually coming back a few years later, legally you cannot claim your position back and can even get demoted.  Although an employer would never admit it, it’s a perfect way for them to push you out upon your return – and it happens quite often.   Another obstacle is the fact that there is a lack of state kindergartens in the country, and if you child can get in at 3 years old, you can consider yourself lucky.  My son was just rejected and he will be 4 come September.



For some, it’s a clear choice and returning to the workforce is not a priority.   Now, I know that for many women that do want to return to work before the 3 -4 year maternity/parenting leave is up, the private daycare system is simply not affordable, as almost all of their earnings would go towards childcare, whether working part-time or full time.  Therefore, many make the choice of staying home, rather than going back to work for the obvious reasons.  In the end there are sacrifices to be made, and it usually is a combination of necessity and personal choice .

I am personally lucky to have an employer that is flexible and has stood by me throughout my pregnancies and now two kids.  Upon my return (when both my kids turned 6 months), I was able to work part-time until I was ready to go back full time.  With my older son, I worked part-time until he turned 2 years old and with my younger I will go back to full-time when he is 1year old.  But I know that many women in the Czech Republic are not so lucky, and have a number of obstacles in order to integrate back into society and realize themselves professionally, while having children under 3 at home.


Conference room

As it’s a popular topic these days, different types of services are starting to cater to mothers in an attempt to overcome some of the obstacles we face today.   One of these services recently opened its doors and much like The Hub, provides a working space, but with an array of services that also includes childcare.   The Baby Office, located in Prague 4, opened very recently and caters to freelance or remote working moms that can utilize the shared office space, while their young children are looked after in their daycare center.  But The Babyoffice isn’t simply about providing a working space and daycare, the team is also trying to serve as an advisor to mothers in helping them reintegrate into society by providing many seminars and a source to available part-time work or an advisory to start-up businesses.


I think this is a wonderful project and give its creators big kudos for getting it started!   


Baby Office provides many options for you and your little ones at reasonable prices.  Some of the mainstream services are:

Coworking & Your own workspace:

Shared space:  50 Kc / hour
Your own working space: 4.000 / month

Baby Office Daycare (children from 15 months):

Reception / Cafe

Reception / Cafe

Ad hoc attendance cost: 100 Kc / hr
Regular attendance: 70 Kc / hr
Inidividual child care (from 6 to 15 months): 200 Kc / hr

At home childcare:

Childcare for a Baby Office user: 150 Kc / hr
Childcare for general public: 200 kc/ hr
Additional child: +50 Kc/ hr
Childcare after 22.00: +50 Kc / hr

For additional information, please visit www.babyoffice.cz


A bit of culture for little ones!

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violinIt’s never too early to start introducing children to music!  If you are expecting or have small children, Česká Filharmonie is offering regular concerts at the Rudolfinum throughout the year.  The program starts at 17.30 at 150 Kč per seat.    Check out the calendar.