rawfoodIf you are a raw food lover, plan on attending the 1st annual Raw Food Festival.  Get inspired with recipes, food preparation, wide sortiment of raw products and much more.  Don’t know what raw food is?  Don’t worry you can learn about it on the spot, and enjoy other entertainment awaiting you on 24.5 in Běchovice. Where: Podnikatelská 566, Praha 9 – Běchovice Entrance:  pre-purchased tickets are 180 Kč  / 230 Kč on the spot; Kids under 12 enter for free Official Website FB Page

catCzechs have a reputation for being creative and crafty.  This is evident in the traditional wooden crafts, glass, crochet / knit and ceramic goods.   I, myself, love to create and if time and money permitted, I would have a painter’s studio, a dark room, a pottery wheel and oven, etc…you get my drift.  Anything authentic, hand-made, and original catches my eye.  Unfortunately, I am not a millionaire, and can keep on dreaming about having all of the “luxuries” mentioned above.

A great way to get my creative juices flowing and making it a kid friendly activity (kids come first right?) is to visit Vypálené koťátko (Fired Kitty, as in when you fire pottery – terrible literal translation, I know).  Other than great desserts and good coffee, this non-smoking café has a dedicated work-room with an assortment of unpainted ceramic products, ranging from ceramic cups, plates to vases and figurines.

After selecting your “canvas”, you have a wide variety of color glazes and brushes to paint with. If you have never done it before, the staff is happy to explain the best color combinations and what tends to happen with different glazes once the ceramics have been fired.  Generally, the colors seem a bit dull and subdued while wet, but once the ceramics have been fired, they are quite rich and cheerful.


Kids can make lovely presents for family and they have quite a bit of fun doing it.   If you want to seriously create, I advise not taking your kids with you. It probably depends on the child, but my son got bored after painting half his cup and most of his body.  Vypálené koťátko is pretty active on FB and posts some of the master pieces on their facebook page so check it out (some are quite good!). I can only recommend this great little creative café!  Vypálené koťátko also hosts various themed events – concerts, exhibitions, readings etc.

Mařákova 5, Praha 6
Tel: 737 726 104, 222 947 888

Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard & Amex

Get your creative juices flowing!

cafe-pointaCafé Pointa was voted the best cafe in Prague 6 in 2012, very impressive since they only opened their doors in the summer of 2012.  I am not surprised at all, this place is fantastic.  It is located on the corner of an art nouveau building just near the Hradčanská metro stop. A charming patio outside offers a beautiful view of Letná park.  I have not had the pleasure of the patio experience yet since this stubborn winter doesn’t seem to be going away, but I will report back when I finally hang up my winter coat.


Besides an everyday lunch special, Café Pointa offers many great food options all day.  They serve great breakfast and even better coffee, croissants, homemade cakes and pastries, sandwiches, salads and other main dishes later in the day. Last time I was there, I had the roastbeef and rucola sandwich.  It was served on their homemade bread with mustard dressing and horseradish mayonnaise.  So much flavor, it is making my mouth water all over again as I write this.

Kids Corner

Kids Corner

Besides coffee and delicious food, they also have many assortments of tea, wines and draft alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer.   During some evenings, they have live piano music played on an old Viennese piano from 1883 if you are looking for some romance or just a cozy atmosphere.

Café Pointa has something for everyone.  They have a great kid’s corner to keep the little ones busy and you can reserve space for birthday parties and other celebrations.  They have had a few small wedding receptions there as well. It’s great atmosphere for any type of celebration or get together.

Café Pointa
Na Valech 2
160 00, Praha 6
+420 233 321 289

Monday – Friday:  8:30 – 22:00
Saturday – Sunday:  9:00 – 22:00

A (Very) Concise Vegetarian Guide to Prague

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You might have noticed that Czech cuisine can be tough on vegetarians. My personal favorite is of course “koleno” (a pork knee), but there are also omnipresent “klobasy” (smoked meat sausages), řízek (slice of calf, pork or chicken meat), gulášovka (goulash soup) and so on. However if you live in Prague there is no need to panic.

A simple miracle called “hermelín”

Before we proceed to places that serve exclusively vegetarian food, I want to mention some Czech dishes that will help you to satisfy you hunger. The name of your new best friend here is nakládaný hermelín. It is a soft cheese, same family as brie and camembert, marinated with peppers and onions in oil. And the best part is – you can find it literally everywhere, even bars have hermelín. It is not a real meal of course, more like a snack, but it is delicious and makes your beer taste even better. There is only one problem. This miracle is usually very rich in garlic and onion, so don’t plan any kisses or, frankly speaking, anything that includes face-to-face communication after you had it.

Other Czech vegetarian dishes include, for example, bramboračka (potato soup) and smažený sýr (fried cheese).

Loving Hut

Being friends with Vietnamese people is an essential thing here. For example, if you feel an urge to eat some Pringles with ice cream after midnight there is no way you can buy it anywhere except for your local tiny Vietnamese shop. An international chain of restaurants Loving Hut
is another reason to love these people. It is actually more than vegetarian, it is vegan. There are now 4 restaurants in Prague, each one has different opening hours and slightly different menu (check the web site for the details). This is a perfect place to have launch or dinner as they have a self-service buffet approximately from 11.00 to 16.00, so you can pick from a rich variety of dishes and pay up to 150 Kc (but usually much less). My favorite choice is a couple of spring rolls, some tofu with tomato-mushroom sauce and inevitably a handful of rice. Also, if you take salad, make sure you choose this orange something as a dressing. These restaurants are non-smoking and non-drinking, always very clean and dog-friendly. The staff speak perfect English.


Here, on the other hand, you will hardly hear any English at all although the place is Indian. Fortunately, you will not need to talk a lot, as there is not much choice. You can pick either big menu (108Kc) or small one (96Kc) so sign
language is going to be more than enough. Both menus include soup, salad, rice, sabzi and some spicy Indian dressing. Govinda is part of The Center for Vedic Studies which belongs to The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, so logically everybody will be friendly and for the most part bold. This is a very authentic place that tourists are completely unaware of, so if you want to have a tasty and healthy meal in a drowsy atmosphere of Krishnaism – welcome to Govinda. There are 2 restaurants in Prague, one is in the center and another one is in Prague 8.

To be continued…  



Food for Thought

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If you are a food lover, want to know where to get the best produce in Prague and get your hands on great recipes, check out The Prague Basket.  This clever blog is written by three food enthusiasts who seek the best quality produce and intend to inform you about it through their own experiences.