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Bbc urdu service sairbeen

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bbc urdu service sairbeen

Through years of dictatorship and censorship in Pakistan, Sairbeen BBC Urdu Service head Mehvish Hussain has attributed the decision to. › › Videos › SAIRBEEN URDU TV LIVE. The application of Bbc Urdu Radio Sairbeen Player UK is now a free online app. Download the new Bbc Urdu Radio Sairbeen Player UK totally free for Android.

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I usually listen Sairbeen in my car, whenever driving during pm. It was also the programme that turned accomplished broadcasters and journalists such as Athar Ali, Viqar Ahmad, Raza Ali Abidi and Asaf Jilani, among others, into household names in the subcontinent. Most popular amongst taxi drivers. On DawnNews. To, Mehvish Hussain, Good Luck and great contribution. BBC Urdu head Mehwish Hussain said it was currently their aim to reach young people and women with news as much as possible. Comments 17 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Updated 20 Oct No right to censor By censoring the speeches of its critics, the official machinery is nullifying the inclusive progress towards greater integration. Our local media would do well to follow the quality of Urdu spoken for decades In BBC Urdu instead of focusing on the right 'look' for its presenters. Most popular amongst taxi drivers. Kashmiri friends in Srinagar and in the rest of the occupied valley talk of a similar experience. In an bbc urdu service sairbeen all those were household names; we will remember them forever. BBC Urdu has announced that it will end the radio broadcast of its famed news and current affairs bbc urdu service sairbeen Sairbeen by the year's end, saying its priority going forward will be digital media platforms and television, it emerged on Saturday.

Bbc urdu service sairbeen -

Programmes and workshops against gender-based violence are of no use in Pakistan. Mohamamd Haroon. Comments 6 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. When radio is active around the globe it means million of peoples still love radio besides tv Internet etc. A listener once wrote in from Drigh Colony, just across from the Karachi airport, to say that when his TV transmission was interrupted he sent his son running to get battery cells for his transistor radio.

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