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Halle berry james bond

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halle berry james bond

Halle Berry talks about MGM's scrapped James Bond spinoff, Jinx, as well as her infamous Catwoman movie, which was panned upon release. Halle Berry just inadvertently recreated her famous James Bond scene 18 years on – and the only thing missing was her knife holster. In the James Bond movie Die Another Day, Halle Berry plays Giacinta “Jinx​” Johnson, an intelligence agent who collaborates with James Bond to track.

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Sunday Herald. European Audiovisual Observatory. Style Fashion. United Kingdom [1] United States. Gadgets and other props from every previous Bond film and stored in Eon Productions' archives appear in Q's warehouse in the London Underground. Halle berry james bond fashion-forward, very sexy and takes fashion risks, and I love her for that. The CGI work in this movie is an order of magnitude worse than anything I have seen in a major motion picture. Bond attempts to shoot Graves, but he is prevented by a soldier. Archived from the original on 12 October James Bond's Greatest Hits Television. halle berry james bond

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