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Uk weather in april 2018

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uk weather in april 2018

Daily average UK temperature averaged for January to April (blue). Hatching shows departure from the average, which itself. Weather reports from April in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom with highs and lows. Parts of the UK experienced the warmest April day in almost 70 years with temperatures in central London reaching 28C (82F), prompting. A high of You can see this below in the maps of June temperature uk weather in april 2018 in left and right. Sunny conditions centred on the longest days of the year helped boost the annual average. And, finally, the sea surface temperatures in the immediate vicinity of the UK uk weather in april 2018 also well above average for the time of year, which will have also helped elevate UK temperatures during the summer. In a series of connected events, high pressure subsequently became established over Scandinavia and northern Europe. While not record breaking, it has been a changeable month with spells of cold, wet and windy weather, as well as some very warm weather. In addition, temperatures widely exceeded 25C on 13 October, unusually high for the time of year.

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