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Best bank account in china

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best bank account in china › shanghai-expats › forum › bank-account-suggestio. Opening a bank account in China used to be an easy task, but things have best that you deposit the money in a Chinese bank account before. China Merchant's Bank.

Best bank account in china -

Don't miss out on these 44 money-saving tips! I have a business travel visa valid for 6 months. There are so many different banks in China — so which one to choose? If you want to open a foreign currency account at ABC, the requirements are the same as BOC — simply bring your passport, your residence permit if you have one , and a completed application form. It depends on ICBC. First Name. Will be in China for approximately a month, is it worth opening a bank account just so that I can use mobile payment? Thanks for the info! But a colleague of mine, ex Chinese, who had a bank account found out the account was blocked, because he had no official address anymore in China. The formalities to open a bank account in China used to be very easy. Online banking capabilities are helpful but not absolutely necessary. Hopefully that answered most of your questions about best bank account in china to open a bank account in China.

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