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Hsbc bank current account closure form

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hsbc bank current account closure form

I/We understand that the Bank accept no responsibility for any loss or delay which may occur in the transfer, transmission and/or application of funds or (in the. Close account request form - PersonalPlease complete the form in BLOCK CAPITALS. Customer numberSavings/Currentaccount numberFixed deposit number(s)Other Moved to non-HSBC bank location/inconvenient bank location 9. ACCOUNT CLOSING FORM The Manager, HSBC Bank Middle East Limited Office On please close my/our account no: and pay the net balance by: A transfer to.

Hsbc bank current account closure form -

Finally, having had enough, I started calling daily, asking to speak to supervisors and keeping a record of every conversation. Customer support. All cards and cheque books will be cancelled on receipt of your closure request. What is the status of your loans? Our team may contact you for more information concerning the request via our secure messaging service, or by a preferred number provided at the time of raising the secure message. We suggest you bring any cards, credit books, chequebooks and secure keys with you if applicable so we can securely destroy them and help you to protect your information. hsbc bank current account closure form

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