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Abandoned ghost towns in texas

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abandoned ghost towns in texas

Discover Texas ghost towns you can still visit, and walk through the abandoned streets of a once prosperous town. Eliasville. An oil boomtown gone bust, this Texas town was settled in the s, but really took off in the s with the oil boom of Although these cities have long been abandoned, remnants of their existence remain in the form of buildings, monuments and forgotten history. abandoned ghost towns in texas Carroll Springs Henderson Co I was so happy to see all the pictures you have of the small West Texas towns that my family originally hails from. Mary Howell, the original owner of the restaurant known for its romantic Hill Country setting, died more than three decades ago, abandoned ghost towns in texas staff members say they sometimes smell her familiar rose-scented perfume. The surge in popularity brought on by the railroad was also taken away by the abandoned ghost towns in texas. Ruidosa Presidio Co About: Independence is an unincorporated community some twelve miles northeast of Brenham in Washington County. Fast facts: 1 Its name from Terlinagua Creek three tongues nearby was coined by Mexican cowherders.

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