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Bank transaction database example

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Bank transaction database example

var col = guiriguidetoprague.comterDB("bank").transactions;{source: "Joe", destination: "Peter", amount: , state: "intital"});. Example 2: Setup initial transaction. A transaction is a set of logically related operations. For example, you are transferring money from your bank account to your friend's account, the set. A database transaction must be atomic, consistent, isolated and durable. To understand the concept of a transaction, consider a banking database. the above four properties of a translation with the following example. Bank transaction database example When a transaction begins, Oracle assigns the transaction to an available undo tablespace to record the rollback entries for the Bank transaction database example transaction. See Also: Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for information about enabling resumable space allocation, what conditions are correctable, and what statements can be made resumable. All conflict serializable schedules are view serializable too. To get the current balance, all you need to get is the last record. Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for more information about distributed transactions.

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