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Compression stockings after surgery australia

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compression stockings after surgery australia

PO Box Fitzroy. VIC Australia. (03) June Instructions for. Compression. Stockings. After varicose vein surgery. Range of medical compression stockings & hosiery, flight socks and tights, stockings include heavy tired legs, varicose veins (before or after surgery). Compression stockings are used to aid in the Each pair of stockings needs to be measured specifi- reduce the need for surgery in future years. Page 2. Phone: (08) Fax: (08) [email protected]‚Äčau.

Compression stockings after surgery australia -

Lymphoedema Lymphoedema is a condition that causes swelling, usually of the legs or arms. Make sure the seams are straight and ensure that your heel is in the correct position. Find out about the causes, symptoms and treatments. For medical compression stockings, leg measurements are best taken first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed for fitting purposes. There are also different classes based on the amount of compression they provide. When veins become visibly twisted and swollen, they are called varicose veins. The times in which compression stockings were cynically referred to as rubber stockings that were ugly and uncomfortable are long since gone: the sheerest transparent material and an enormous variety of trend colours make mediven compression stockings look like Nylons these days. Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; Jul. Venous thromboembolism: treatment published March Find out about symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention. You could also try applying moisturiser or talcum powder to the leg to help the stocking to move more smoothly over your leg. Compression garments may be unsuitable in certain medical conditions.

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