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Abandoned mall photographer

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abandoned mall photographer

Inside America's most haunting abandoned shopping malls: Metro North, Randall Park, Rolling Acres and more with photographer Seph. Seph Lawless is the pseudonym of an American photographer who has documented urban decay and abandoned A large proportion of the abandoned malls, buildings, and amusement parks he photographs are in the Rust Belt, which has. Photographer Seph Lawless recently returned to the abandoned Ohio mall that is the subject of his book, "Black Friday" to find that snow had begun to fall. abandoned mall photographer

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His work captures the eerie rather than the elegant, and his ominous images continue to intrigue audiences. But by , Randall Park Mall had closed down, following years of declining business and the more immediate impact of the Great Recession. He has appeared on television. The Jamestown Mall in Florissant, Missouri, closed in after almost 40 years in business. Lawless grew up in a suburb of Cleveland , Ohio. I get emails and Instagram comments all the time about people telling me emotional stories of meeting their wife at a shopping mall, their first job and some of their favorite stores they visited as a child at their local mall. Sign Up. The mall was closed in and has been abandoned ever since. But as I went in and went out, I started to see some of the most poor and disenfranchised Americans in the country, oftentimes minorities. An abandoned mall photographed in four different seasons. The response was overwhelming. Following the Great Recession of the late s, dozens of malls closed their doors, strained abandoned mall photographer the American economy and the abandoned mall photographer in buyers' shopping habits from in-store to online. Seph Lawless.

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