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Jeep wrangler brute for sale ebay

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jeep wrangler brute for sale ebay

Original Sales Brochure printed on heavy stock paper for the AEV Filson Wrangler and Brute Double Cab Line. This brochure has 18 pages measuring 11​". He's having the guys at Spider Offroad build up a diesel powered LJ and a few other projects. Asking price is $65, Up on Ebay right now.. http. Anything & Everything - Jeep Brute sold on Ebay for $ - this may have been the deal of the year.

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Jeep wrangler brute for sale ebay -

As Dave points out not everything seems to add up with this particular vehicle and the price paid may well indeed be too HIGH. This one started out lime green and was originally sold in MN. Accept Learn more…. Originally posted by red95jeep View Post. You're probably thinking of the screaming lizards Brute and no its not the same. jeep wrangler brute for sale ebay

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